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HCMC Journal

LEMDO 2023-05-08 to 2023-05-12

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 130

On Monday, worked on issue #144, and arrived at a compromise solution for constructing in-document TOCs where there are no divs with heads: if there are five or more labels, use those, otherwise, if there are signatures, use those. This seems to be working well for the subset of documents I tested.

On Tuesday, we developed a potential extension to this plan which would allow encoders to override the text content on a label by providing @n; if the Douai team wants this, we’ll implement it. Also fixed a rendering bug whereby the inclusion of any TEI element in a <titleStmt>/<title> would result in its being passed through unchanged to the HTML, because a call to apply-templates was using the wrong @mode. Also worked with PS on some CSS oddities, trying to eliminate error messages from the browser console, and continued the work of properly commenting XSLT code which is not yet up to spec.