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HCMC Journal

LEMDO 2023-09-11 to 2023-09-15

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 300

Over the weekend, did some work on the grant application.

On Tuesday morning, implemented and tested handling for the <head> element in the context of <castGroup> and <castList> per request from CS. Then worked on tickets, and cleared two, as well as doing some other triage.

On Wednesday, a rather unexpected problem emerged when a semi-diplomatic text was furnished with speech ids: the code generating originalXml ended up duplicating ids on speeches which were split across page divs. I added a quick hack to delete duplicate ids, but the splitting code should have handled this using @next and @prev, so that code will also have to go on the list of modules to examine and possibly rewrite.

On Thursday, diagnosed an issue with empty menu pointers in Douai, and let CS know about it.