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HCMC Journal

LEMDO project 2022-11-21 to 2022-11-25

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 190

On Tuesday I replaced the old non-functional lightbox facsimile code with a much simpler and currently un-pretty thumbnail setup for page-images in old-spelling texts; PS will improve the appearance and we may enhance this with better functionality or substitute a generic thumbnail image to improve speed, but the basics are there. This is distinct from the facsimile browser that is still a vague plan, but it should be able to link/jump into the facsimile browser eventually. Now it just jumps to the full-size image in a new tab. This is GH issue #64.

Also fixed a bug in the rendering of some metadata content (GH issue #77).

On Wednesday, added staticSearch to the MOMs anthology (GH issue #78) and fixed some issues with metadata display and values (GH issue #79). I also raised and did substantial work on GH issue #80, which involves abstracting all the literal captions and bits of text littered through the XSLT code into a separate captions.xsl file. I believe I’ve got all the ones in the XHTML-generation code, but there are lots more in the earlier XML processing stages which will have to be caught.

At the project meeting, it was decided to put quotes around text in <gloss> elements in the output, so I’ve added it to the template that handles <q>

On Thursday fixed a rendering bug caused by the caption work.

On Friday, cleared one more ticket by adding licence info to the metadata table.