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HCMC Journal

LEMDO 2024-03-20 to 2024-03-24

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 2225

In preparing for the Douai release, I noticed that HTML validation was not being performed on anthology build products; that’s something I’m going to have to add. Did a manual validation on Douai, and fixed lots of issues in their CSS and their template file. Also tried validating with the latest unstable beta release of vnu.jar and found it is complaining about upper-case letters in data-* attribute names; this is a legitimate concern, so I’ve written and tested a function that will convert e.g. a TEI copyOf attribute to data-copy-of; once this release is done, I’ll switch that in and deal with the fallout, which will be significant.

On Thursday did more passes through CSS looking for errors; a couple were fixed. Simplified the search page for Douai by suppressing filters with only one member, and removed an obsolete version of vnu.jar from the repo.

On Friday, fixed an overnight validation problem and consulted with NH on an identity transform.