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HCMC Journal

LEMDO work 2022-10-03 to 2022-10-07

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 180

Fixed a couple of remaining instances of annotations which didn’t have labels, and then implemented a Schematron rule which insisted on their being there. This worked fine until the Original XML build stage, where the XSLT was deleting old labels and replacing them with something else, but not always, so I had to comment out that code, which I don’t think we want anyway.

Polished off GitHub ticket #46, adding marginal para-number anchors and heading anchors in critical paratexts.

There are serious issues right now with plays in which the same block of text contains lots of overlapping annotations, and it’s so difficult to figure out a logical way to present these as textual links that would not be confusing to the user that we’re almost certainly going to revert to using note numbers as links. I am hoping that I can leverage the existing rendering code to highlight the relevant bits of the text, though, since I think the code that renders the text as granular spans and tags each span with a class for every note it’s a part of is actually working; it’s just the mechanism for links which is rather borked and probably un-dis-borkable.