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HCMC Journal

Monument 2023-02-27 to 2023-03-03

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 540

On Monday, wrote a small transform to hard-code all the generated original locations into the Landscapes dataset, and ran it. There are 175 cases with no good locations yet, and those will have to be investigated manually.

On Wednesday, started work on the code to take merged family data and generate name listings grouped by location. This is going to be fairly complicated so I’m starting it early, and writing lots of XSpec as I go.

On Thursday, completed a first draft of the output listing people by location grouped into families; there is a built-in function which we can fill out to translate the fine locations into broader regions, but we don’t have that mapping yet so it just leaves them as-is.

On Friday, had some long discussions with MA and NA about the way we should organize the website and how it should integrate with the monument, what data we need to collect from where to resolve our issues, how names should be organized and grouped, and many other issues. We also laid out a timeline for the next few months.