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HCMC Journal

MAJW 2023-02-06 to 2023-02-10

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 400

On Monday, did some tweaks and updates to bios, and on Tuesday, finished the last of the bios (first draft), and added some XSLT to handle links better, as well as adding some useful processing-instructions templates.

By Tuesday night, all bios were finished and encoded.

On Wednesday, made many edits to bios per AB, and then we worked on the rendering of TNA references, and finally solved the missing slash problem. One new ticket was raised, which requires that relatives who are the same person as primaries be merged into those primaries at a final pass through the generated XML. This will be a bit tricky, so it’ll need a clear day to accomplish it.

On Thursday, did many more edits per AB, and also ran a linkcheck on the built site, which revealed a couple more things to fix.

On Friday, took on GH issue #6, which involves merging relatives deemed to be the same as primaries. The merging seems to be working as planned, but the ticket is still open pending a careful examination of the results.