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HCMC Journal

DVPP 2023-03-27 to 2023-03-31

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 240

Over the weekend, I detected some unexpected edits to the db. Having confirmed that nobody on the team had made them, I diffed db dumps from svn to discover exactly what had changed, and we remediated them. There were minor changes to one record and a half-empty new record added with test data. On Monday, started doing detailed log analysis to figure out how this could have happened, and after much ado, discovered it was the result of LW inadvertently running a file called test.php which runs some automated tests which add one record and edit another. The process is supposed to undo the changes it made, but must have failed in the middle or been aborted. It should not have still been available on the site, so I have renamed it, and I’ve also tweaked that file in the AdaptiveDB svn so that the new record data includes info that it was created by test.php.

On Wednesday, had a project meeting; identified a couple of poems needing fixes, which I made; then worked on the complicated task of integrating some side-by-side stanzas of Hebrew with the English equivalent stanzas, which is very complicated and only half-done.