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HCMC Journal

Projects: DVPP

2022-08-29/2022-09-02Martin HolmesDVPP work 2022-08-29 to 2022-09-02420
2022-08-22/2022-08-26Martin HolmesInitial work for TEI presentation780
2022-07-26Martin HolmesWorking on grant application135
2022-07-11/2022-07-15Martin HolmesCSS remediation work: font size reset; SSHRC app90
2022-07-01/2022-07-08Martin HolmesCSS remediation work: some new ideas and tests90
2022-06-28Martin HolmesMaking the anthology builder portable85
2022-06-16Martin HolmesMore work on the anthology builder90
2022-06-16/2022-06-24Martin HolmesRewrite of the anthology builder345
2022-06-15Martin HolmesWork on the anthology builder150
2022-06-11Martin HolmesUpdated metadata; Tweaked access rights; Wrote XSLT to create JSON required for anthology builder60
2022-06-09Martin HolmesUpdated metadata; XQuery for decade-by-decade comparisons; finished conference submission; work on IG app160
2022-06-08Martin HolmesUpdated metadata; new diagnostics outputs; first draft of conference submission; work on IG app200
2022-06-06Martin HolmesSome XPath counts15
2022-04-27Martin HolmesEncoding training day 2; more home page work180
2022-04-26Martin HolmesEncoding training; more home page work160
2022-04-25Martin HolmesWork on citations and other fixes150
2022-04-20Martin HolmesMeetings, plans, preparations and fixes190
2022-04-20Martin HolmesAutomated adding of useful renditions60
2022-04-20Martin HolmesMore progress on home page cards100
2022-04-19Martin HolmesProgress on home page cards; timesheets; metadata updates90
2022-04-14Martin HolmesRotating page-images50
2022-04-13Martin HolmesTwo meetings and some home page plans150
2022-04-08Martin HolmesFixes for specific poems and rendering45
2022-04-06Martin HolmesSpinning up work for KF45
2022-04-05Martin HolmesDiscussion of site, key poems, and XML training45
2022-03-31Martin HolmesCitations in footer110
2022-03-30Martin HolmesMeeting to review the beta site; changes resulting100
2022-03-29Martin HolmesXQuery for research question; encoding for songs75
2022-03-28Martin HolmesFinal session in ENGL500120
2022-03-26Martin HolmesPrecise poem counts showing on pages
2022-03-25Martin HolmesXQuery for sonic devices60
2022-03-18Martin HolmesMore prep for ENGL500120
2022-03-16Martin HolmesMeeting, plans, and prep for ENGL500180
2022-03-12Martin HolmesStatus of DVPP March 2022
Total time: 77:30