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HCMC Journal

CSS remediation work: some new ideas and tests

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 90

One thing that has emerged from the initial remediation work the RAs are doing on the poem layouts is that the change from having the poem render at default font size and setting it (as it is now) to 1.3rem, to make the poem text more prominent in the normalized view, causes lots of breakage in the diplomatic view, since a lot of the layout work was done using both rems and ems, on the assumption of a 1rem base.

Over the weekend we came up with a possible solution to this, which involves an incidental rendition element which re-sets the font size for the poem to 1rem instead of 1.3. I test-encoded three poems with this over the weekend, and tweaked again today. I’ve also written an XSLT that is ready to convert all existing encodings to this new format if we decide that it’s the right approach. Now waiting for feedback from the team.