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HCMC Journal

Meetings, plans, preparations and fixes

: Martin Holmes
Minutes: 190

Two meetings today with AC and with the encoding team, and we’re gradually settling on a protocol for encoding new stuff and re-encoding the old CSS. I’ve now finished configuring a transformation which renders a poem from Oxygen into the final website view, so editors can look at that as well as the editor’s view they had before. This was a bit tricky, because it involved using xpath_eval to figure out the output filename to open from Oxygen.

I’ve also added missing pb tags to 38 poems, and then added a Schematron rule to ensure that they’re not missed again; and I OCRed a run of Penny Magazine and tech-supported NS and SP taking their first steps into encoding.

Next steps are to auto-add the hide/show incidental renditions to the headings of poems to save encoders having to do it, and document thoroughly what is and what is not substantive/incidental.