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HCMC Journal

DVPP work 2022-08-29 to 2022-09-02

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 420


As I continue to work on the presentation, I find lots of minor things I can fix immediately, including encoding errors (particularly with rhyme elements). Also got a couple of fixes and a mysterious bug report from AC on the search page, but I think it might be caused by a broken JSON file in a local cache. Did a lot of work on stats today, as well as on the What Rhymes With feature. Over the weekend, I updated documentation on encoding turnunders and turnovers; we may need to seek out all not-yet-remediated cases and fix them.


Much more progress with the presentation, which is now nearly finished, although there will be some serious editing to do, and I think I’ll need to use a complete script for this one. I’ve been using the search page a lot, which has caused me to think a lot about how it should be laid out. I also published a fresh version to the live site, so that it stays in line with what’s in the presentation.


Finished first draft of the presentation.