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HCMC Journal

DVPP project work 2023-05-15 to 2023-05-19

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 150

On Monday, worked through a few of the poems on my list for checking cross-stanza rhyme, fixed some and asked a couple of questions of KF and AC.

On Tuesday, fixed a bunch of rendering and layout issues from KF, and then having figured out that adding cross-stanza rhyme will require the insertion of new rhyme labels into the middle of the set, started a major rewrite of the XSLT that was originally written to move a label down along with all subsequent ones, so that it can also move a label up to make room for an insertion. That process is a little bit gnarly so it’ll take time to get it right, but it will make it much easier to deal with the cross-stanza rhyme.

On Friday, had a brainwave about how to handle label sequencing and manipulating, and implemented functions to support this, along with tests; then started rewriting the label-fixing code again, based on this new, simpler approach.