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HCMC Journal

DVPP work 2022-10-11 to 2022-10-14

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 470

This week I implemented the anthology plan from the last post, and it seems to be working well. The form automatically constructs the anthology URL based on the ids and title, and updates a link on the fly so that you can view the anthology at any time. During the testing phase I discovered a bug whereby if an id was wrong -- in other words, it pointed at a poem which didn’t exist -- nothing would render; I’ve now solved that with some better error trapping and reporting.

Also spent a fair amount of time on the co-written chapter, which is coming along nicely, and can now incorporate the anthology builder as a site feature. Met with AC and discussed this and other things, including a new ws student who will be testing the site starting next week, so after fixing a couple more minor bugs in the JS for the anthology, I published version 0.98.5beta.