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HCMC Journal

DVPP 2023-09-04 to 2023-09-08

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 490

On Monday, in preparation for the training tomorrow, I wrote some XSLT to generate a spreadsheet where the new RAs can enter their counts of lines and stanzas. I was stuck for a while after forgetting that document-uri() no longer works reliably, and we’re supposed to be using base-uri() instead.

On Wednesday, made a couple of fixes and enhancements to the spreadsheet generator, then added a target to the build which will download and stash it in the repository for safekeeping. Then in the afternoon, did training for the new RAs with AC.

On Thursday, started updating the XSLT to handle preserving hand-encoded <extent> elements, which is the way we’ll be encoding the current RA work. Did some of the stanza-and-line counting myself to get a sense of how long it takes, and to surface some potential questions for discussion, then added build steps to turn the ODS download of the spreadsheet to expanded FODS ready for processing. Booked workstations for RAs.

On Friday, finished implementing and testing the whole pipeline for converting the spreadsheet into <extent> elements in the documents.