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HCMC Journal

Status of DVPP March 2022

: Martin Holmes

The DVPP project has just had its first soft launch, where the current beta version at the dvpp.uvic.ca domain was presented in public at a conference. We are now getting some feedback from that process. A second round of changes to the interface will happen as a result of that feedback.

We are still dependent on the MySQL database for our metadata, but that dependency is increasingly annoying to everyone and we will transition finally to TEI in the next year. But that dependency does mean that I have to run a steady stream of updates to merge the changing metadata into the existing TEI file collections to keep the current Jenkins version of the site relatively up to date with changes happening as the metadata team work.

We have one major piece of work ahead of us: migrating the old TEI encoding of transcribed poems over to the new set of protocols which arose out of the decision late last year to present a normalized view of the poems by default. This involves moving all inline style attribute CSS into rendition elements in the teiHeader, and segregating all the different renditions into those which are substantive and those which are not. We have a set of basic instructions for this work, but it is extensive and will probably throw up a lot of odd exceptions and particular problems as we go. We hope to finish that work over the next few months.

An English 500 class will be contributing a further handful of transcribed poems in the next few weeks.