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HCMC Journal

DVPP work 2022-10-17 to 2022-10-21

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 260

Started the week with one more pass through the chapter, followed by a project meeting in which we all discussed and annotated it. AC will now put together a final version by Thursday.

Met on Wednesday to plan work for March; submitted first timesheet for NM successfully; made a minor change to the poem display following user feedback.

On Thursday, wrote an XQuery lib to generate a spreadsheet of poems for AC to proof and assign categories to.

On Friday, got word that the VNU validator maintainer will suppress the errors on unclosed tags if the --xml flag is provided, so tested various configurations; I now have a new way of rendering poems, using include-content-type="no" to suppress the http-equiv in the header (which raises an error in the validator when it claims to be html), while providing the <meta charset="UTF-*"> tag explicitly. It looks like this combination will work to avoid all validator errors (once a new version is released) and at the same time keep pages working well as both/either HTML and XHTML. I’ll need to migrate all projects to this approach.