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HCMC Journal

Initial work for TEI presentation

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 780


While I have a basic outline for the presentation, there are a lot of gaps to fill, and one thing I need to do is to generate a range of graphs illustrating the distribution of various sonic devices over the period and among the periodicals. I wrote the initial code in XQuery, but then realized that I want multiple output documents from the same process, so I’m now re-implementing the same logic in XSLT. Also did some background reading and started on the reference list and the presentation itself.


Finished porting to XSLT, debugging and fixing, then began adding additional code to support similar output by periodical alongside decade. In the process, fixed a bunch of typos reported by AC, and also noticed that many poems in the earlier periodicals had never undergone the process of extracting their diplomatic page-width etc. into a rendition element, so I ran that, and fixed a bit of fallout where poem widths were not sufficient.


Published a new version of the site after local testing; fixed some typos; responded to grants board review of draft grant application; created the first few presentation slides.


Finished adding more outputs to the spreadsheet stuff showing sonic devices by periodical, and integrated those outputs into the main text-analysis output process. Also noted the need (both for the presentation and for general site users) for a publication timeline table for the periodicals, so I wrote that and put it into the Periodicals (All poems) page. Waiting for that to build successfully.


More work on the presentation led to a number of queries to the team about sonic device encoding, with some discussions to come. I also made some changes in the database and in the TEI per AC to switch the descriptive term for a specific original language to a different form, implemented a better fix for the styling issue caused by the auto-inserted anthology div, responded to a question from KF regarding how to encode turn-unders and turn-overs for diplomatic view, and made some more refinements to the periodical timeline to show when a periodical was published but we don’t have that year in our collection yet.