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HCMC Journal

DVPP project 2022-12-24 to 2023-01-06

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 90

This is logging work done over the vacation.

Did some steady rebuilding of the TEI metadata from the db records to keep our TEI more or less up to date. Fixed a couple of bugs I found and had reported by AC in poem encoding, and also worked on some of the annoying straight apostrophes and quotation marks that appear in the db records in contexts where they can’t be normalized to curly ones during the merge process; these mostly turned out to be cases where a space was omitted prior to a quotation mark in the db record, so the automated regex conversion would not work. I think we are now in a situation where all existing straight quotes and apostrophes are converted to curly ones successfully, so I may add a constraint to the schema which ensures we catch all future ones immediately.