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HCMC Journal

A plan for the anthology builder

: Martin Holmes
Minutes: 55

I’ve been stalled on the anthology builder for a long time because I couldn’t figure out how to make an easy anthology-constructor without cluttering up the website with lots of extra controls. Now after some thought, I believe the way to do it is to have a simple form on a page, with one text box for the anthology title and one for the poem ids, where you just type the title and add poem ids separated by anything that’s not a digit, and the page rebuilds the URL on the fly whenever either box changes and shows it as a link you can click on or copy; the clickable link would use @target="blank" and take you directly to the anthology. The only additional interface component needed would be to surface the numeric ids of poems more prominently in the actual poem pages, as a field in the metadata. A simple form leaves lots of space for explanation.