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HCMC Journal

DVPP project 2023-01-23 to 2023-01-27

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 245

Over the weekend, figured out and fixed a commit conflict where one person had overwritten another’s work by forcing the commit of their file. Also refreshed the TEI metadata for three periodicals, then three more on Monday. Also did some planning for TA’s transition from AC’s to my workstudy.

On Tuesday, refreshed the TEI metadata in All the Year Round. Then looking at the diagnostics statistics, I noticed a discrepancy between the number of poems in the db and the number in TEI files, so I wrote an addition to the diagnostics module to list those. That will tell us which periodicals need to be refreshed immediately to capture db additions. It proved remarkably tricky to get that process to run at a reasonable pace; I tried three different approaches before I found something with acceptable performance. It found a whole stack of new poems all in Good Words, resulting from the splitting of poem sequences, so I ran the db refresh on Good Words and hopefully that will catch them all.

On Wednesday morning, following some info from KAF, I added a new diagnostic to list cases where a foreign-language transcription is required. Met with KAF and AC to discuss more CSS issues, and came away with lots of TODO items: