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HCMC Journal

DVPP project 2023-01-16 to 2023-01-20

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 135

Over the weekend, worked on a couple of diagnostic issues and tweaked one diagnostic so it returns fewer hits; missing surnames are not errors in cases where a poet is known only by initials or by pseudonyms. On Monday I did more on this, so that it now shows only cases where there is no parenthetical explanation in the display name field. This brings down the numbers and makes the diagnostic more useful.

On Wednesday, met with AC and fixed a couple of minor issues directly; also added new diagnostics to list poems which have #makeRelatedPoems hash tags but do not have <ptr> elements in the linkGrps file, as well as one to catch cases where left margins of over 10ems are in the code, because these are likely to be cases where the CSS needs remediating.

On Thursday, introduced new diagnostics to the team and tweaked them a bit. Also did a first implementation of some JS to save and reload the state of the two aside elements so that whatever configuration you have them in, they’ll stay in that configuration when you transition to another poem or page. Waiting for a build to see if that has worked properly or needs more tweaking.