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HCMC Journal

Rewrite of the anthology builder

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 345

2022-06-20: 90 mins

Over the weekend I decided to rewrite this code as a Class to have better encapsulation, so I’ve redone it, electing not to retrieve the individual poems but instead to retrieve the appropriate TOC pages for periodical/year for each poem, and use the table rows in those (now given a helpful id to make them extractable) to build the anthology TOC page. This has the added benefit that if/when we change the table configuration for the site as a whole, the anthology TOC configuration will change with it. I’m about half-way through this work.

2022-06-21: Finished anthology builder’s rendering-from-URL functionality (120 mins)

Finally got this working the way I want it to, so it’s now useful to the team at least, and they can construct URLs for their own anthologies for team meetings and discussions.

2022-06-22: A bit more anthology work: localStorage (60 mins)

Started figuring out how to store and retrieve the info from localStorage, and thinking about how we could/should keep the browser query string in sync with the browser storage. This is a bit tricky, because we will probably also need to track which anthology people are actively working on from page to page, and then realize their additions when they navigate back to the anthology page, which they may do using the outdated URL they started from.

2022-06-23: Retrieval from localStorage (45 mins)

I’m realizing as I work that the retrieval, storage and rendering need to be separately encapsulated, and each needs a parameter to control whether they trigger each other or not, so we avoid circular processes when we e.g. retrieve from localStorage. render to the URL, then generate the TOC from the URL. It’s coming along nicely, though.

2022-06-24: Fix typo, discussion on anthology work (40 mins)

Debugged a build break, continued the discussion with the team on the anthology-building tool, and updated TEI metadata on a couple of periodicals. OCRed three poems for KF, and discussed book chapter with AC.