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HCMC Journal

DVPP 2023-06-26 to 2023-06-30

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 100

During the week, did a few more experiments with the text-analysis stuff in Voyant Tools. Nothing startling emerges.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, started trying to sort out a mess relating to rhyme-scheme pages, which are currently a hybrid between poems which have a specific rhyme-scheme and those in which it’s the dominant rhyme-scheme. If we’re going to do the full monty -- include every poem which has an instance of a specific rhyme-scheme -- we’re going to have to normalize every rhyme-scheme at build time, which is a considerable amount of work. So I reset the current setup so that it includes only pages for dominant rhyme-schemes, and each page only lists poems which have that as their dominant scheme. Waiting for feedback on whether we should go with the other option.

On Thursday, made some final tweaks to the rhyme content, on the basis that for now we are only presenting pages and searches for dominant rhyme. To include all rhyme-schemes from all stanzas, we would have to normalize all stanza rhyme-schemes for every poem in a pre-build phase, which is certainly doable but would be a non-trivial addition to the build time.

On Friday, released a new versio of the site incorporating our latest revisions to the way dominant rhymes are presented. Had a brief discussion about poem 1153, and implemented an encoding enhancement which enables us to specify its dominant rhyme more accurately.