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HCMC Journal

ATOP: Work on the hand-build schema for the PLODD

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 105

Our last meeting redefined the final stage of TEI prior to schema generation as a pruned, localized ODD (PLODD). I updated the wiki terminology page to reflect our growing understanding of the stages we need to handle, and then continued work on my hand-built RNG schema for this document, which is proving very useful in forcing us to confront questions about what should and should not be required or allowed to survive to this stage in the processing, as well as dusting off my rusty RELAX NG skills.

At the meeting on 2022-07-06, we discussed a number of these questions and resolved some issues, but we have one very thorny problem relating to the use of <moduleRef> elements to pull in external RELAX NG schemas.