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HCMC Journal

Moses work 2022-10-18 to 2022-10-21

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 190

Following some suggestions from ECH, I made a number of changes to the print PDF: the draft watermark, which was interfering with the selection of text from the page, is now gone, and replaced by (draft) in all of the running headers; the titles have been switched around to give Nxa and the Colville Tribes precedence over English and UVic; and a few more cosmetic fixes have been done.

SK and I started the long process of normalizing single quotes and apostrophes, which have become a bit chaotic. We’re trying to normalize on the correct curly single quotes and apostrophe for English (u+2018 and U+2019), and the modifier letter apostrophe (u+02BC) for Nxa text. We got the number of potentially problem cases down from over 5,000 to around 2,000, most of which are probably not ones we need to change because they’re Nxa text in mixed-language contexts; the few remaining cases will have to be handled manually. Then we’ll move on to double quotes, which should be easier.

Also did some tweaking of CSS for the pronunciation page, which was looking very 1990s.