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HCMC Journal

Endings project 2023-01-23 to 2023-01-27

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 165

Meeting of editors on Monday, during which we all proofed more content; I contacted JF since we had had no response from DHQ, and she has agreed that we can do our proofing corrections in a fork of the DHQ repo and issue pull requests. We’ll document our process for their benefit too.

On Wednesday, met with JT and worked through some pull requests and tickets. One PR from a contributor fixed the issue with building on Windows, which is now working. We also clarified our process for branches and releases -- the 1.4 branch will be used only for in-place bugfixes, and the dev branch will be where 2.0 work takes place until we are ready to release early versions, at which point we’ll create a 2.x branch. After the meeting, I polished off one more ticket.