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HCMC Journal

Projects: Endings

2022-07-05/2022-07-06Martin HolmesDHQ special edition: first two revised articles copyedited140
2022-07-04/2022-07-06Martin HolmesStarted work on DH 2022 presentation170
2022-06-23Martin HolmesDHQ special edition feedback to final author45
2022-06-16Martin HolmesDHQ special edition prep and editors’ meeting; Balisage paper review110
2022-06-14Martin HolmesDHQ special edition editors’ meeting120
2022-06-13Martin HolmesstaticSearch: Fix for Java warnings; fix for TEI test build85
2022-06-09Martin HolmesDHQ special edition editors’ meeting100
2022-06-07Martin HolmesstaticSearch: Balisage article and reviews90
2022-04-07Martin HolmesstaticSearch: Proofing article for Balisage90
2022-03-25Martin HolmesstaticSearch: Article for Balisage50
2022-03-24Martin HolmesstaticSearch: Cleanup of obsolete code and features50
2021-12-17Martin HolmesstaticSearch version 1.4 released
Total time: 17:30