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HCMC Journal

Endings project 2023-01-30 to 2023-02-03

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 260

On Tuesday, met with JJ and we collectively edited the first of the XML documents to establish exactly how we should proceed. We’ll now work on different documents, but we will need to align the practice in the reference lists, which are a bit chaotic.

On Wednesday, worked through the CB article and discovered a helpful page on the DHQ site which showed many problems with the way we’d interpreted the reference to Harvard style, and many inconsistencies with the way existing articles do reference lists; I reworked the references in C & B, as well as those in CB, to conform with what I’d learned, and also created an Oxygen author-mode CSS file to help with proofing references.

On Thursday, worked through the JO article, and also wrote some Schematron to enforce the bibliography style rules I’m learning and deducing.

On Friday, met with JJ and worked on a couple more articles, as well as elaborating our Schematron rules to catch bibliography issues.