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HCMC Journal

Endings project 2022-11-28 to 2022-12-02

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 260

The Moses project has raised a couple of questions about how Unicode normalization should be handled in the search page, and as a result I’ve raised a couple of questions and issues for discussion with JT; I think we will need a patchable independent branch for the stable 1.4.x releases, while we push the dev branch into new adventures. There is an additional normalization step I would like to build into the page itself, but there is also a step that Moses will need to remove accents from search terms which might be handled by allowing an overridable pre-processing step which other projects might benefit from; that could be a feature request we could easily implement in both dev and the release branches separately.

On Wednesday, I encoded the final version of our editorial introduction to the DHQ special issue and uploaded it as a submission to DHQ. We also had a project meeting and we did some follow-up to clarify the stats arising from the survey, adding some explanatory text to the site page.