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HCMC Journal

Activity over the last two months

: Greg Newton
Minutes: 900

The initial migration animation worked very well when run on its own, but became very janky when run in concert with the BreezeMap timeline animation. Re-writing the migration animation (approx. 3 hours) provided few benefits. For the second presentation we included a small subset of the features and the animations worked well together.

TC suggested an adjustment to BreezeMap which has been carried out by MH. I’ve been working on mitigating the remaining jankiness in the animation but we appear to be reaching the limits of Javascript’s single-thread limit.

A variety of extra features have now been added, including information panels that are fired by the timeline and represent non-geographically oriented events, as well as a population graph situated behind the timeline.

Next step is to drastically reduce the complexity of the features. We’ll also try to find a more elegant way of addressing this within OL itself.