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HCMC Journal

Formalizing VIH source XML

: Martin Holmes
Minutes: 120

Up to now the canonical source has been the pgxml data, which we’ve been transforming with every build to our custom VIH XML. However, before starting in on the new FN datasets, it makes sense to switch our canonical source to the VIH custom XML, since we’ll be generating that directly from spreadsheets with the new data.

I made this change today, although the old transformation remains available if required. There was some fallout; the locations file turned out not to be valid due to a couple of typos and the unanticipated fact that the locations associated with tax roll data have no years on them, so they’re dateless (even though the tax roll data does have years. That’s a problem for another time, though. I’ve tweaked everything so it’s valid, and rewritten processing as required to take account of changes in paths etc.