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HCMC Journal

Projects: VIHistory

2023-11-16Martin HolmesUpdates to search functionality25
2022-07-04/2022-07-06Martin HolmesStarted work on DH 2022 presentation170
2022-06-23/2022-06-24Martin HolmesAdding new numeric codes for FN data130
2022-06-20Martin HolmesFormalizing VIH source XML120
2022-06-07Martin HolmesMore discussions on incoming data45
2022-06-06Martin HolmesFirst look at incoming FN data15
2022-05-25Martin HolmesSome initial listings pages and search; massaging gnarly data240
2022-05-17Martin HolmesHandling locations; fixing horrible data180
2022-05-10Martin HolmesHTML and CSS coming along310
2022-05-09Martin HolmesStarting on HTML rendering300
2022-05-06Martin HolmesCustom XML now fully working, with validation300
2022-05-05Martin HolmesAll fields now handled180
2022-05-02Martin HolmesMore birthplaces; languages; race; and more uncomfortable subjects200
2022-04-29Martin HolmesBirthplaces and housing information100
2022-04-26Martin HolmesMore nationalities and occupations110
2022-04-25Martin HolmesLocations, languages, nationalities, co-habitants150
2022-04-21Martin HolmesWork on locations120
2022-04-20Martin HolmesWork on relationships to head90
2022-04-04Martin HolmesSchema and XSLT conversion: birth dates and marital status60
2022-03-31Martin HolmesSchema and XSLT conversion150
2022-03-22Martin HolmesEthnicities and genders90
2022-03-14Martin HolmesSchema work150
2022-03-14Martin HolmesTest data set and various maps120
Total time: 55:55