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HCMC Journal

Reconfiguring the database

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 360

Alongside the conversion to TEI, I’m also working on some modifications to the database to optimize working procedures and to make the db data more TEI-ready. I’ve set up a parallel database, majwtest, with its own interface, where I can try out new features, and tested this by setting up the first instance of a one-to-many hashtags field, which AB has OKed for rollout to the main db; the pilot is only for the primarys table, but there will also be tables/fields for the mentions and relatives tables. The test db can be populated directly from the live db simply by running the sql dump in adminer (after changing the db name, obviously), since the content is still pretty small.

I want to do a lot more testing of the hashtags fields before rolling out, in particular checking what happens when a hashtag is deleted from its table; we need to confirm that only linking content goes away, not main table records.

In the process of doing this, I found and fixed a couple of infelicities in the way the db code was organized.