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HCMC Journal

TEI and ATOP work 2022-10-18 to 2022-10-21

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 320

Added a lot of documentation to the functions module, along with a fix for some Schematron and a couple of comments for discussion at the meeting. I’m arriving at a fairly standard documentation style which we’ll run past everyone. I also spent some time trying to get the XProc build to run using Morgana under Oxygen, but failed; once I know how that is supposed to work, I’ll document it, and if it’s possible to get it to run as an Oxygen scenario I’ll set that up.

Had the regular meeting on Wednesday, and worked on clarifying the pruning process and the schema for PLODDs (pruned-and-localized-ODDs).

On Friday, with MS and SB, I worked through the TEI Oxygen plugin framework files to update them for Oxygen 25, built the bleeding-edge plugin, and tested it. We found a couple of issues in addition to discrepancies between our version of the plugin and Oxygen’s framework, and I’ve reported back to Council in case they want to do anything about it.