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HCMC Journal

MAJW project 2022-12-12 to 2022-12-16

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 465

Over the weekend I started building in the JavaScript functionality that replaces page-to-page jumps with retrieve-and-show-in-place. There’s a lot more to do to make that elegant, but we are getting started.

On Monday, finished rolling out that feature; then met with AB and got a list of changes/fixes to make, which I completed in the afternoon.

On Tuesday, I started working on the Counties map, which is taken from GN’s demo version. I’ve been tweaking the JS so I can more easily point it to a specific county or counties for highlighting. There’s quite a lot still to do on this, but we are getting there. By the end of the day I had a working map within a page. I also wrote the code to construct the citation for each page, and tweaked the footer content.

On Wednesday, I got the mobile view working properly and tweaked some other layout and appearance issues.

On Friday, added a new bibliographical source, found a couple of data-entry issues which AB fixed, changed some captions, and suppressed some notes in output per AB. Then I integrated the staticSearch in a new manner, with a fixed version stored in the MAJW svn repo, and created and tested an ant target for updating it. This is working pretty well so far.