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HCMC Journal

MAJW project 2022-11-21 to 2022-11-25

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 460

Working on the person identity question, I decided to have a single central collection of linkGrp elements for this, rather than generating linkGrps in every person record. I added responsibility pointers to events, and started on the bibliographical references for them, dealing initially with the main language and other languages.

On Tuesday, I added court/county info into the events, and completed rendering of the primary source bibl; once the secondary source is done and the various notes and hashtags are handled, I think we may be ready to start the HTML output work.

I have encountered some difficulties with the matching of secondary source info in the mention records to actual bibliography items, some caused by wayward data input, but other cases caused by the rather loose definition of what constitutes a single multi-volume title. It looks like the Close Rolls series, for instance, has multiple volume-sequences by monarch, but they’re treated as a single title in the data input. That’ll take some figuring out.

On Wednesday, began the process of setting up the HTML build, starting with some generic CSS and a page template, some JS, and some placeholders for e.g. favicons.

On Thursday, created the ODD file afresh, and rewrote the schema build process; tweaked the schema until everything validated, so we have all the required elements and attributes, but I still have to do all the constraining of attLists.

Also did a major reorganization of the rather chaotic repository structure, bring it in line with the way other projects work, and got the basic product generation stuff working so that the next stage is HTML.

On Friday, I continued scaffolding out the website build process, which is coming along nicely, and added some of the additional generated attribute valList constraints to the schema, which has resulted in invalid output because some items are not properly reference in the core data.