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HCMC Journal

MAJW work 2022-10-31 to 2022-11-04

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 150

Following the detailed plan from Friday’s meeting, I set up extraction and rendering of <msDesc> elements based on parsing the fields in the mentions table. This results in 129 distinct manuscript descriptions, which look pretty much OK to me, but I’m running them past AB before moving on. There are some inconsistencies in the db entries which we could/should correct manually, but other than that we’re now in a position to generate references which point to <msDesc> entries and then add the localizing information for the specific reference.

I still have to finish manually building out the multi-volume entries for the secondary sources, so that will be next. On Friday I researched and encoded the six volumes of PREJ, which wasn’t easy, and I still have a question in with AB on that one.