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HCMC Journal

Moses project 2023-01-16 to 2023-01-20

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 190

Over the weekend, SK posted proposals for the handling of OC and DIM at the very end of the orth-generating process; looked through these and began planning how we might implement this programmatically. It looks like it should come after all the other processing. Per SK’s instructions, made some tweaks to the alqW template we wrote last week.

On Tuesday, added one more template, for testing, and discussed the cases where one segment is linked to multiple morphemes, which may be simpler than I thought in most cases.

On Thursday, rewrote the sequence of events for better control over individual steps, and implemented a couple more straightforward templates. Then added the DIM and OC final-replacements, which seem to be working well.

On Friday, wrote a requested XSLT to generate a list of all the distinct forms which appear within <m> elements, and then list the morphemes to which that form is linked.