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HCMC Journal

Turtle now being generated

: Martin Holmes
Minutes: 75

After puzzling a little about the sample Turtle the LINCS project provided, I installed the Turtle validator (an npm tool, unfortunately, so I now have the accursed npm on my desktop) and validated it along with my own output up to that point. It was invalid, because plain unescaped placenames (most containing spaces) were being used in a URI context. So after consultation with the LINCS team I’m now escaping those, which solves the problem.

Following that, I implemented the rest of the Turtle output, validating as I went, and it now seems to be working. Takes only 15 seconds on my desktop to generate the complete set, so option I built in to generate only a subset is pretty much pointless, although handy for debugging. I’ve now sent the file to LINCS, and we’ll see if it works in their pipeline.