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HCMC Journal

TEI and ATOP work 2022-11-23 to 2022-11-25

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 90

In the absence of a Wednesday meeting, I finished setting up my Windows VM to build and test ATOP stuff. I managed to create a working cross-platform setup for the transpileMorgana target in the ant-on-windows branch. If you do this with vanilla Ant (rather than including ant-contrib), then you have to have separate targets for win and non-win platforms, give each one an if attribute setting the os, and then make them dependencies of a wrapper target.

The interesting thing is that the pure-java invocation (transpileMorgana2) works without any intervention; it’s only if you’re running sh vs bat files that you need the extra code. It looks like the combination of Java libs we’re using means that there’s no need to translate filepaths or anything like that. So if we make an effort to keep testing on Windows (which I’ll do), and try to stay in Java-world and not use os-specific script files or executables, we may be fine.