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HCMC Journal

MAJW project 2022-11-28 to 2022-12-02

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 510

Over the weekend I had taken a shot at getting the bibliography items to build correctly and got the number of errors down to 17, then on Monday I started to look at each individual error and added a number of fixes for edge-cases where particular <msDesc> sources needed to be formatted in different ways. Having normalized the initial id generation a bit, and fixed one error in the actual db data, I was able to get the individual references all to point at specific msDesc entries successfully, so the build is now working again.

Put a TEI file template in place and created five site pages which will be built out based on it.

Started building the TEI transformation code, initially by generating the listings page of Women which is the main focus, and raised a couple of questions about how things might be displayed.

On Wednesday, merged the cron output and resolved more invalidities resulting in the addition of new manuscript items.

On Thursday, discussed some site options with AB and continued work on the rendering pipeline. On Friday, I expanded the CSS, re-worked the layout as a grid, found and implemented a usable font, and got a bsic design together so it’s not too difficult to imagine what it could look like when it’s got a proper design.