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HCMC Journal

Cit extraction and replacement code is written and tested; tweaks to PDF

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 160

On Monday I tested the extraction code written the other day, then wrote the two blocks of code required to replace the cits inside the entries as part of the build process for the PDF and the online dictionary. This should work for single-stage pointers (entry to cit) and two-stage pointers (entry to intermediate ptr to cit). A test build of the PDF and the static dictionary shows no changes that I can detect, so I think this is now working properly. The actual final switch to external cits will happen on Thursday morning.

Per SK, made some further tweaks to how the Eng-Nx index entries are rendered, and to some captions.

On Tuesday, EH noticed that the online dictionary build did not include the majority of entries. This was a simple bug in the code, which I fixed. Handling both the situation prior to extraction of cits and the situation after with the same code is slightly tricky.