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HCMC Journal

Moses work 2022-10-11 to 2022-10-14

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 210

On the 11th, implemented two components arising out of the discussions around the PDF: I added an Abbreviations section to the front matter, and then added page references from root and stem entries in the Nxa-Eng dictionary to their corresponding entries in the root-based index.

Did some debugging because of a caching issue with the search reported by EH, and realized that our current use of the site version number for the staticSearch version is not ideal because it doesn’t change; we should use the svn rev number instead. I implemented that change on the 13th and EH confirmed the problem is gone.

On the 14th I reworked the root-based index to make its headwords match those in the main indexes, and added in the initial letters to match. One gotcha arose from my assumption that the first set of words would always begin with a, so I had hard-coded the a for the beginning; that was fine for the main listings, but it turns out there are no roots beginning with a or b, and the first set starts with c-wedge. That is now fixed, and the PDF build seems to be working well.