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HCMC Journal

MAJW project 2023-01-30 to 2023-02-03

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 95

Over the weekend I added one new bio (Licoricia) and entered proofing corrections for some others, then reworked the personography for the project team to support a reorganized Contributor page.

On Tuesday, encoded a lot of new additions to the bios, along with new items in the bibliography, and raised a couple of minor issues with AB. Also set up a GitHub repo we can use to track issues, as requested by PS. Raised three tickets there, and fixed and closed one of them.

On Wednesday, encoded more bios, added some graphics, added a new page as requested, and closed that ticket.

On Thursday, added the links from the map locations to the location pages, and added several more name images from AB. Worked a little on the large-table GitHub issue.