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HCMC Journal

MAJW project 2023-01-23 to 2023-01-27

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 155

On Monday, implemented rendering of the flag for the primary being noted as deceased on legal records; it’s slightly tricky because it has to be rendered in a different way on the legal record page as opposed to the person page.

On Tuesday, switched the dagger character being used as the footnote marker for the deceased note and abstracted it. Also updated changed bio and added two new ones, adding to the tertiary bibliography, and tweaked the schema build to avoid circularity when validating. Then I added the relation only feature in parallel with the deceased annotation, so we’re now covering both these slightly confusing annotations in (I think) a helpful way.

On Friday, added the new feature whereby bios are preceded by a capture of the name of the person from one of the primary source documents, and found and fixed an obscure bug that was causing trailing or leading commas where an event had no actual place associated with it. Also added a couple of new bios and some edits to existing ones, and set up auto-creation of pages for each location, which list the primaries associated with that location.