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HCMC Journal

More release preparation work

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 265

PS finished his CSS work so I did a test build and found a couple more issues which needed additional work before we could release. After many fixes, I started finding typos and spelling errors in the bios and vessel info, so I’ve postponed release again until I can do a proper spell-check through them.

On Tuesday I started with a comprehensive run of the spell-checker, which also finds duplicate words, and found literally hundreds of typos and spelling errors to fix. After working through them, I rebuilt the site and started testing; there were other bugs, such as the new organizations page not having a title, and having nested <details> elements so the JS for expanding all of them through a checkbox was not working. After fixing all of these problems, everything looked good, so I did a release. However, it was immediately apparent that some fonts were not working on the server; we were getting 403s trying to download them. The issue turned out to be the presence of more than one period in the filename, which was presumably confusing Apache. PS and I renamed the problem fonts and fixed the CSS, and I did another build, tested, and released.

At the same time, I noticed that in all the confusion I had neglected to archive the previous 2.2 version in the old folder, and it was basically gone. However it was fairly easy to recreate it by exporting the svn revision it was built from and running the build process again; I had to tweak a couple of things to get around changes in vnu’s release location and staticSearch deprecations, but it worked fine and we now have an archived 2.2 on the server. A nice payoff from Endings practice.