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Projects: Colonial Despatches

2024-03-08Martin HolmesUpdated place write-up for the Despatches from JL45
2023-11-15Martin HolmesDespatches: staticSearch changes20
2022-12-16Martin HolmesColonial Despatches edition 2.4 published5
2022-12-14/2022-12-16Martin HolmesDespatches project 2022-12-14 to 2022-12-1680
2022-11-14/2022-11-18Martin HolmesDespatches project 2022-11-14 to 2022-11-1810
2022-11-08Martin HolmesColonial Despatches edition 2.3 published20
2022-11-07/2022-11-08Martin HolmesMore release preparation work265
2022-10-24/2022-10-28Martin HolmesCloser to release180
2022-09-28Martin HolmesBack to release preparation work70
2022-08-31Martin HolmesVisit from researcher with error report90
2022-08-10Martin HolmesBugfixing on redesign (2)50
2022-07-21Martin HolmesBugfixing on redesign60
2022-07-19Martin HolmesWorking on the home page redesign50
2022-06-14Pat SzpakWorked on Colonial Despatches.180
2022-04-25Martin HolmesBugfix and some discussions20
2020-12-02Martin HolmesColonial Despatches edition 2.2 published
Total time: 19:05