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HCMC Journal

Bugfixing on redesign

: Martin Holmes
Minutes: 60

The redesign has thrown up a couple of things related to the clickable thumbnails. One (fixed by PS) was that a pseudo-class was obscuring the link activation of the thumbnails, so nothing happened when you clicked on them. This was remedied by adding -moz-touch-action: none; touch-action: none; pointer-events: none; to the before pseudo-class, allowing the clicks and touches to go through to the link underneath.

The other problem that showed up today was an issue with the facsimile viewer, and I think it originates in the fact that the FacsViewer code on GitHub is shared between two projects which use it rather differently. Changes I made for DVPP had bad fallout for ColDesp. Since ColDesp is moving towards end of life, I’ve incorporated local copies of the FacsViewer JS and CSS into the repo, and bugfixed them in situ, so that should now be stable.