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HCMC Journal

Moses 2023-03-20 to 2023-03-24

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 190

On Tuesday, got stuck into the problem with the root-based index being entry- rather than form-based. I completely rewrote the root-based index code as a new lib called fo_root_based_index_2023.xsl, and generated a PDF from it. To my surprise, without much debugging required, the PDF showed the requested behaviour with regard to the entry for xəš and the two forms of xəsnusn: rather than one form appearing, in the wrong sublist, both forms now appear, each in the appropriate sublist. SK founds some bugs, which I was able to fix at the end of the day, and it looks like things are working now.

On Friday, SK made some suggested changes to the orthing XSLT which I checked and were perfect, so she’s going to make those changes.